Metal taps–50’s or 60’s? And how big?

I’ve been curious about one thing. My mom wore taps on her shoes all through the 1960’s (pre-teen and teenage years) and into the 1970’s. (She was in California.) But when I look on ebay for used vintage women’s shoes with metal taps, more often than not the shoes that I find are from the 1950’s or even 1940’s! I hardly ever find women’s shoes for sale with taps on them that are marked 1960’s. Maybe taps were popular at different times in different parts of the country. What about where you were?

And one other thing. Almost all of the women’s shoes with metal taps that I’ve found on ebay have pretty small taps–smaller than the plastic taps that women put on their shoes today (especially the ones in New York City), where I just was for a visit! Most of the vintage shoes I’ve bought have had size 0 to 3 taps on them. Occasionally I find some women’s western or campus boots with size 5 metal taps. I think that’s the size my mom wore on her loafers, though. Only majorette boots seem to have been worn with the taps I like–7’s and 8’s and horseshoes! Did the high school and college girls want to have smaller taps than the guys or did the shoe repair men push them into smaller taps? (I realize that at least one of you–JR–likes smaller taps on women’s shoes, so maybe that attitude was common then too.)

My first long post in awhile. I guess I need to start looking for photos to accompany my posts again, right?